There are some pretty cool "Pathfinder Game Enhancements" I've been brewing with a few other Game Masters at the Home Brewery, and I'd like to try them out in this game!

I'll break stuff down by the basics, and we can chat about them.

First, the big basics:

  • WHAT KIND OF GAME IS THIS? - HEROIC BADASSERY - You are HEROES, not farmers with swords. You may DIE, but it will be a glorious death!
  • My games are "Narrative Story Based Epic Sagas" - I sacrifice number-crunching for storyline cohesiveness. You, the PCs, are the reason the story exists.
  • WHAT BOOK? - Pathfinder Player's Handbook (Not Advanced PHB, not D&D 3.5)
  • WHAT LEVEL? - Start at level 6
  • HOW MANY HIT POINTS? - MAX them. In fact, add "Improved Toughness" to your PC for free as well. (CON bonus + 3 HP per level, so far as I recall.)
  • HOW MUCH GOLD? - 9,000 Gold to start - spend it on whatever you can afford, including magic items up to +2 in any value.
  • WHICH PC CLASSES? - Any "Core Rulebook" class is allowed.
  • WHICH RACES? - Any "Core Rulebook" race is allowed.
  • EXTRA RACE ALERT: "WOLFEN" - if you're interested in being a "Wolfen" - let me know. (Think tall Wolf person.)
  • ALIGNMENT?: Lawful or Chaotic. There is no Good, Evil, or Neutral for PCs.
  • (NPCS and Monsters of course have alignments. PCs do not. You play what you are. If you are Evil, you'll play Evil.)
  • PRESTIGE CLASSES?: Nope, you have to get one "in-game".
  • MONK BARBARIAN?: Nope, one is Lawful, one is Chaotic - see alignment info above.

Okay! Now for the really important stuff - STATS and FREE SWAG:

STATS? - I give you the following stats "PRE-RACIAL-BONUS"
(Your race bonuses STACK with the below amazing stat pool stats.)

  • 20 (yes, a 20!) Anywhere you'd like.
  • 20, (yes, another 20!) Anywhere you'd like.
  • 18, 18, 16, 15, 15 (Yes, put these anywhere you'd like.)

But that's 7 stats!?

STR, DEX, CON, WIS, INT, CHA - and...?

Yes, we have an EXTRA STAT ALERT: "LUCK"

Choose Wisely! - *EVIL GM GRIN*

"Luck? What's that?" - It's an extra stat. "What does it DO?":

It gives you "LUCK POINTS" - your modifier on that stat gives you 1 luck point per modifier bonus.
Example: A 15 stat would give you 2 luck points.
"How do I use a luck point?" - You don't! I do... MUAHAHA! ;-)

"Do I need a high luck score?" ... your choice...


Your Charisma stat gives you "HERO POINTS" - one for each modifier on the stat.

"What is a HERO POINT?": A Hero Point is a "token" that you get each game session.
These Hero Point tokens can be "cashed in" for the following things:

2 Hero Points at the end of the night gets you 1 rank in ANY SKILL.

1 Hero Point can be used to make the GM re-roll one dice.

1 Hero Point can be used to "STAVE OFF DEATH" - that is, if you would die, you can use a Hero Point to save your ass, and instead of death, you go to 0 HP and stabilize instantly.

1 Hero Point can be used to give you 10 Hit Points, whenever you wish, but the HP can not go above what your PC would normally have.

1 Hero Point can give yourself a re-roll, whenever you'd like.

1 Hero Point can "nudge" a roll to be +2 or -2, whenever you'd like. (An 18 to 20 would not be considered a natural 20 in this case.)

1 Hero Point can be used in an unusual circumstance to "do something that wouldn't otherwise be very likely to succeed." (use your imagination)

HERO POINT HOARDER ALERT: If you like to hoard your Hero Points, you can do that - and then... cash them in for even bigger prizes!!!
What prizes? You may ask? Well, let's just say that you can cash in a stack of Hero Points for - FEATS or ABILITIES later on... oooh! Mystery!

Okay... FEATS!

Who has gone to choose a Feat, and been all like "Damn, I'd love to have an Exotic Weapon (Ninja Claws), but I don't want to blow a feat to get it?" - I know I have.

So! You get an EXOTIC WEAPON FEAT FOR FREE. Yep. Free Feat. Pick something fun.


"What is a Feat Tier?" you might ask.

We all know that some feats, well SUCK. You know what I mean, right?
Example: "Persuasive" - yep, I've never used it before - have you?

Therefore, I introduce to you FEAT TIERS. I will go through the entire PHB and "rank" each Feat with a 1, 2, or 3 - with a Tier 3 Feat being the "best" and 1 "bad feat".

Each Feat Slot you earn gives you 3 ranks. You can cash in all 3 to get a "Tier 3 Feat" (like, um, normal feats work usually) - OR - you can cash in a rank to get you THREE Tier 1 feats, or One Tier 2 and One Tier 1, etc.

So, you could get 3 feats for the price of one!
Cool, huh?

More info on that later on - so SAVE YOUR FEATS! until we can figure out that mess.


Who has ever been like "Dang, now all I have is level 1 spells to cast." - I have! This rule is for you.

We're going to use "SPELL POINTS" - what is a "SPELL POINT"? Well, it works like this:

Every level of a spell is a "Spell Point". - Example - Level 1 spell = 1 spell point. Level 2 spell - 2 spell points. etc.

Now you can save up three level 1 spells, and cast a level 3 spell with it!

Or... you can use up a level 3 slot to case 3 level 1 spells! Cool, no?

Okay, who has ever been like "CRAP! I memorized the WRONG SPELL!" - I have!

Now, instead of peering into your crystal ball and memorizing spells you "might" need later, you can do the following:

Use your INT or WIS bonus - (or whatever stat bonus you cast spells with) - to "memorize an extra spell for each modifier on the stat)

Are you a caster? Do you have a 22 INT? Well, then, you can memorize your INT bonus in extra choices of spells! (+6 for 22, right?)
That's an extra 6 spells you could choose from to cast!
That doesn't mean you get to cast an additional 6 spells per day - NO -
but it does mean you're more versatile in what you have available to cast for the day.


Who's Your Goddess? Because she is AMAZING.

For Clerics and Divine Casters - you can now spontaneously cast any DOMAIN SPELL you have access to.

That means if your Domain gives you 3 spells to choose from at level 1, you can memorize "Whatever" and cast a "Domain Spell" instead.

So go ahead - choose a weird one - you can always cast your fallback domain spell instead if you need to.

Oh, and Healing is of course still spontaneous - swap out any spell for a heal of the appropriate level as needed.

What about Cleric Alignments? Do I Turn or Destroy? - Your choice. Both work. Good luck!

The same goes for Cause Light Wounds and Cure Light Wounds - you choose to follow the path of "Good" or "Evil" you want, as you like.
Just know that behind the scenes, your actions might affect the outcome of a situation later on down the line - because Karma and I know each other really well...